"...If we love one another, God abides in us, and His love is perfected in us."
1 John 4:12


God entrusted a care for young hearts not to schools or institutions, but to parents. We see our Next Generation Ministries as a parents' assistant in discipling their children in the way of the Lord. The church is here for our families to encourage and equip moms and dads in their daily ministry, and to show love, care, and Christ’s example to the children. This is at the heart of each of our programs. Check us out! 


Two Twenty Ministry is the college and young adult ministry, striving to glorify Lord Jesus Christ, following His commands and walking in His ways. Our goal is to proclaim God’s wonderful Gospel to friends, family, and neighbors. Join us!


Worshiping God together and studying Scripture in the context of home churches has been a widespread practice since the days of the apostles. Our home groups exist to stir up a common faith, help each other, learn from Christ, and worship Him with our mouths and lives. We have home groups throughout the entire Portland metro area. Come and share the life of Christ with us! 


Worship is the most natural response of the one who comes to know our wonderful God. Our music ministry exists to unite the church in the exaltation of our beautiful Savior with the best of our talents and with pure hearts. 


Each of us face difficult life situations, serious decisions, and sin. In cases where the support of brothers and sisters in the church is insufficient, the biblical advice of the pastor-counselor can be a real blessing. This ministry exist to share one another’s burdens and help to grow in the image of Christ.