Church  News 04-23-2022



The salvation of people is one of the key missions of the Church of Christ. God has given us special grace to be partakers with Him in the preaching of the gospel, through personal testimony, and through prayer.

Throughout Easter, many people hear the Gospel, both in our church and in other places. The testimony of Christ is heard everywhere. Next week, let's pray for God's work in people's hearts.
Please pray:
• so that the Lord would change the hearts of those who attended our services, awakening them to new life and saving them from sin and death;
• about children from believing families who have not yet known Christ - about the salvation of their souls and receiving Christ's life;
• about the salvation of the people to whom we evangelized - about our neighbors, friends, and acquaintances who have not yet been saved;
• about the salvation of the fallen and excommunicated - these people heard about Christ, but did not devote themselves to Him.

Pray that the Holy Spirit would crush every opposition against God in these hearts, that the Lord will give them all His righteousness and a new life in Him.
Also, please continue to prayfully support our brothers and sisters in Poland who are currently conducting the ministry among the Ukrainian refugees. Pray for physical and spiritual strength, for God's work being done through them.
Another urgent prayer request: during the conference in Poland, one of our mission group members, Oksana Tsarenko accidentally fell and broke her arm. The fracture is quite serious and needs surgery, which is scheduled on the upcoming Tuesday in Warsaw. Please pray for healing, for wisdom for the doctors, and for strength for Oksana as she goes through this trial.


Our local church has opened a special account for donating to the needs of refugees in Ukraine. All funds will be distributed by our reliable partners in Ukraine.To make a donation follow this link and then choose Help for Ukraine in the drop-down menu FUND:


Hello brothers, welcome to the Gentlemen’s Garage! This group is intended for us to support each other where the rubber meets the road in our life. This includes the exchange of any goods, services, or ideas. Know a great barber? Have a spare set of tires? Need help cutting down a tree? Have a book recommendation? Need help identifying that strange sound your car is making? This thread is for you! Please limit this group to those who are part of our church and “Let your speech always be with grace, as though seasoned with salt, so that you will know how you should respond to each other” (Col. 4:6)!


For already several years in our church there has been a Viber chat-group Tavifa, where our sisters exchange useful info and goods.


We invite you to our Russian language classes for adults who don't speak Russian. The lessons are offered every Tuesday, 6-8PM in the church building. Please come if you are interested!


- Youth Service: Sun., 6pm
- Russian School: Mon., 6pm - 8:30pm
- NGM Ministries:      Grace Kids - OFF      Arrows - Wed., 7pm, corporate meeting, Activity Hall
      Upstream - Wed., 7pm, in homegroups
      Adventure Club - Thurs., 5pm
- Bible Hour: Wed., 7pm, sermon by A.Kolomiytsev, "Antichrist" - Rev. 13:1-18
- Choir Rehearsal: Thurs., 7pm
- Our building progress: from the total need of $600,000 we are still lacking $30,465. Thank you to all who sacrificially donate money for this important project.
- For your convenience here is the list of the upcoming events of 2022:
  • May 7, Sat. - Women's Brunch at 10am
  • May 22, Sun. - Family Service
  • June 19, Sat. - Apologetics Seminar with Creationist Scientist S. Golovin
  • July 8, Fri. - Grace Kids Camp (younger group)
  • July 9, Sat. - Grace Kids Camp (older group)
  • July 30, Sat. - Church Day
  • Aug 8-12 - VBS
  •  Aug. 21-25 - Arrows Camp
  •  Aug. 26-31 - Upstream Camp
  • Sept. 2-5 - Youth Retreat

You may look up other church events and activities on our website at the "Calendar" tab.