Spreading the saving Gospel to the ends of the earth is an integral part of the Great Commission given by Jesus Christ. Missions has always been a matter of faith for Christians throughout the history of the church. Thanks to various forms of missions, the Good News once reached us, revealing to us salvation in Jesus Christ. Our church has been involved in missions ministry since its inception. In recent weeks, the elders have been working with the missions board of the church to rethink this ministry and identify approaches that would help us be more effective in evangelism and missions work as a church. This is a spiritual work, possible only through the work of the Holy Spirit. Please pray:

  • for wisdom from the Lord in the hearts of the brothers working on these matters;

  • about developing a missionary team in our church that could coordinate, direct, and encourage various forms of reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ;

  • about kindling the spirit of missions ministry in the hearts of our church members, about the desire and readiness to participate in the work of preaching the Gospel both in our area and in different places of the earth;

  • about the preparation for missions projects next year;

  • about God's work through those ministries that are already being done in support of missions and evangelism by our church.