The battle with sin is a crucial aspect of the Christian faith. We face constant pressure from the world, the devil, and our flesh. Those truly in Christ will battle sin. If a Christian does not take deliberate steps to resist sin, it can slowly destroy their life. Resistance to sin is only possible through God's power, which gives us strength and victory. Therefore, we must pray for victory over sin, both in our own lives and in the lives of our brothers and sisters.
This week, we will ask the Lord for:

  • our love for Him to continually grow, causing sin to lose its appeal;

  • a growing knowledge of Christ and our relationship with Him;

  • God's strength to help us resist all forms of satanic temptation in our personal lives;

  • our mind and conscience to be bound by the Word of God;

  • God's victory over sin so we overcome its influence on our feelings, desires, reactions, and actions.