Scripture clarifies that we are to love and serve those with special needs. Jesus showed love and compassion to those with disabilities. In the gospel of Mark 1:41, we read that He was “moved with compassion” to heal the leper. Christ reached out to the blind, deaf, paralyzed, and mentally ill throughout His ministry, showing that God created those with special needs to display His power and strength in their weaknesses (Matthew 15:31, John 9:1–3). Pease pray for Special Needs Ministry in our church:
  • for God's guidance and wisdom for the Special Needs Ministry leaders as they plan and decide how best to serve the unique needs of individuals with disabilities;
  • for the children, adults, and families in our congregation who experience disabilities so that they would feel welcomed and included in our church (Luke 14:12-14);
  • for parents of children with special needs in our congregation that God would encourage, energize, empower, and give wisdom while surrounding them with practical support and Christ-centered fellowship;
  • for our church family to have eyes to see people with disabilities as Jesus sees them and to move toward them in ways that Jesus did;
  • that the Special Needs Ministry may contribute to unity and fellowship within the church as everyone comes together to serve and support one another.