Dear church, we appeal to you with a great need from the Makarenko family.

About a year ago, Josh Makarenko was diagnosed with cancer. During this time, he was undergoing treatment prescribed by doctors, and so far there has been no progress. On December 20, he is scheduled for a surgery.

We know that our life is in the hands of God. He has the power to heal and restore. He can remove all unnecessary things from the body. Therefore, we decided to devote this week to a special prayer for the healing of this young brother. We will pray for this need throughout the week, and on Wednesday we will pray with fasting.


• For the Lord to touch Josh's body with His healing hand and remove all of the cancer in it.    
• For complete healing and restoration.    
• For the wisdom of doctors in making decisions, for the accuracy of their actions during the operation.    
• For God's work in the heart of Josh and his family, so that they have firm trust in the Lord, and drawing near to Him, find deep peace and hope in Him.