Many believers live as if nothing exists beyond the physical world, forgetting about the existence of the spiritual realm. God's Word says that an intense and unceasing spiritual battle rages around us. The devil and his army of demons tirelessly work to blind people's minds, steal the sown seed, cause conflict and division among Christians, lead into temptation, and make the work fruitless. The wicked one has special tactics for both believers and unbelievers, for individual ministers as well as entire churches.
This year at the conference we will talk about the reality of spiritual warfare, the devil's strategy against God's people, the necessity to be watchful and sober, where to draw strength from and how to resist the enemy, as well as the great God who defeated evil through Jesus Christ's sacrifice and will one day put a definitive end to history.
The conference is intended for church pastors, brothers involved in various ministries in the church, as well as their wives.
Registration is available at the church foyer in the beginning of the Conference.


Thursday, Feb. 29
  • 7pm - 9pm: Session #1, The Reality of Spiritual Warfare, Аleksey Kolomiytsev

Friday, March 1
  • 8:30am–9:30am: Breakfast
  • 9:30am–11am: Session #2, The Lord of the Spiritual World, Dmitriy Shpilko
  • 11am–11:30am: Break
  • 11:30am–1pm: Session #3, Spiritual Warfare in the Ministry, Аleksandr Kalinskiy
  • 1pm–2:30pm: Lunch
  • 2:30pm–4pm: Session #4, How to Stand Against the Enemy, Еvgeniy Bakhmutskiy
  • 4pm–4:30pm: Break
  • 4:30pm–5:30pm: Session #5, Devil's Strategy in the Church, Аndrii Rezunenko
  • 5:30pm–7pm: Dinner
  • 7pm–9pm: Session #6, Devil's Strategy in the World, Аleksey Kolomiytsev

Saturday, March 2
  • 8am–9am: Breakfast
  • 9am–10am: Session #7, Worship and Prayer Session
  • 10am–10am: Break
  • 10:30am–12pm: Session #8, Gospel as an Epicenter of the Devil's Attack, Аndrii Rezunenko
  • 12pm–1:30pm:Lunch
  • 1:30pm–3pm: Session #9, Q&A
  • 3pm–3:30pm: Break
  • 3:30pm–5pm: Session #10, Demons Against Ministers, Evgeniy Bakhmutskiy
  • (3:30pm–5pm: Women’s Breakout Session, Viktor Zubarev)

Sunday, March 3
  • 9am–10:45am: Session #11 (Rus), Spiritual Battle Finale, Аleksey Kolomiytsev  
  • 11:30am–1:15pm: Session #11 (Eng), Spiritual Battle Finale, Аleksey Kolomiytsev