Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services like?

Everything in the church is subject to the purpose of worshiping God. Worship is not liturgy; it is a living expression of reverence, love, and dependence on Him. For this reason, you will hear prayers, singing, and preaching of God's Word. If some aspect of the service seems unclear/ unnatural to you, feel free to not participate. No one will judge you for that. If, on the day of your visit, we are performing Communion in remembrance of Christ’s death on our behalf, we invite you to remain seated and refrain from participating, as this is the command only for those who are born again.

What language do you speak in?

We speak English and Russian. Most of our congregation speaks both languages.

Sunday Worship: 9 AM – RU (EN in headphones/online)
Sunday Worship: 11.30 AM - EN
Bible Hour: Wed, 7 PM – RU (EN in headphones)
Youth Service: Sun, 6 PM – EN (RU in headphones)
Home groups, classes and ministries – both languages (connect)

Who can I talk to at church?

The Welcome Group is ready to help you at the entrance to the church and the sanctuary.
If you would like someone to help you find your way around, please call the church office, and the secretary will assist you: (360) 687-3962.
Moreover, you can always turn to members of the congregation for help.

In addition, you may be considering these options:
  • Email us at с
  • Come up to a pastor at the end of the service.
  • Fill out the "Welcome" card in the pew pocket in front of you so we can provide you necessary assistance.
  • Visit a home group to get acquainted with the church family.

Is there something for my children?

Although we encourage parents to take children with them to the service, we provide childcare throughout the whole service. You may inquire about the location of the childcare room at the entrance to the sanctuary. Also, we have ministries for children, teenagers, and youth! You may find more information about a particular ministry here.

What should my attire be?

We do not have a dress code; however, you will look most appropriately in the clothes that respects our persuasion of modesty and holiness.